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Comrade Imdad Qazi Secretary General  of the Communist Party of Pakistan ,hails from a middle class background . Became part of students politics at the age just 14,From the very beginning part of the left and progressive movement. Only at the age of 20 years was taking part in the Trade union politics and at the same time working in the peasant movement.

Since 1985 is member of the communist party Of Pakistan.
Working as Sindh provincial secretary in 1989.Comrade Imdad Qazi remained acting Secretary General of the Party from July 2004 till March 2007 due to poor health condition of the late Secretary General Comrade Chacha Mula Bux Khaskheli .
Comrade Qazi was elected Secretary General of The Communist Party of Pakistan in 2011.

 Comrade Imdad Qazi


Question.  1 Pakistan is a major country with a population of 220 million, situated in a region where tensions are running high, from Iran to China through India, Afghanistan and several other countries.

What role does Pakistan play in the Asian arena, where capitalist development is in full cry ?
This military elite has adopted jihad (war in the name of religion) as a business.  They are recruiting in different parts of the country. Their training camps are located in Kashmir and in the border areas of Afghanistan. Jihadi organizations are their proxies.  They use them  for the benefits  of various world powers.  In return receive rewards in the form of dollars and citizenship and other benefits for their families in Europe and the United States.  The Taliban against Afghanistan, Jaish-ul-Adl and Jundullah against Iran, Laskare Tayeba and its various branches along with Jaish-e-Muhammad against India.  At one time East Turkestan in Xinjiang, China. Even in Burma, members of the Salvation Army(Arakan province)have been using the same forces.  Pakistan is creating chaos due to its critical location, military might and nuclear power, but does not think of playing a positive role.

Question.  2. Pakistan played a major part in the unrolling of the situation in Afghanistan, as an ally of the USA right through the cold war period with the USSR. It would appear today that there is an orientation towards a reconciliation with China. Does this orientation imply new alliances involving the USA and China in Asia ?
A: You are right. During the Cold War, especially in Afghanistan, Pakistan fought a great war for Americans  interests, during the afghan war Pakistan opened its borders to mercenaries and criminals from all over the world.  Pakistan is still suffering from the devastation of having these world jihadies and criminals to operate from its soil.   According to the United States, Pakistan has been playing a double game with them since 2002. During this time, Pakistan has also strengthened its economic and strategic relations with China.Pakistan reduced its dependence on the United States for defence and arms needs, which was a good thing.  Then Pakistan made agreements with China like CPEC As a result of these new relations with Pakistan, China took over Pakistan's economy. Precious mines were given to them.  China made billions of dollars from these deals In return, the military elite got something, but nothing was used for the public good and welfare.Pakistan's manufacturing industry shut down and China completely took over the consumer market.  Now automobiles industry is also taken over by China.These new economic relations with China forced industries in Pakistan to shut down and the workers unemployed.
 Conflicts between China and the United States over superpowers status have escalated particularly since  Donald Trump became president. As you know, it has also taken the form of a trade war.  The United States and its allied Arab kingdoms began to increase pressure on Pakistan to end the CPEC project with China, especially the Gwadar Sea Port project, reduce the close relations and eliminate the strategic ties.  The end of Nawaz Sharif's government was also the result of these contradictions. The  current government and military leadership is also under pressure . Pakistan's economic situation was not allowed to become such that Pakistan could adopt a neutral free policy.  Nor did it allow the emergence of a political leadership that could free the country from imperialist influence.
After the formation of Pakistan, when the feudal lords, civil and military bureaucrats tried to include the country in the imperialist camp, the Communist Party of Pakistan, including all its mass fronts, strongly resisted it. Pakistan was established in 1947.  The CPP in 1948.  As a result of strong opposition to the pro-imperialist policies of the ruling elite, a false case was registered in 1951 under the name of Rawalpindi conspiracy case and the entire Central Committee of the party and patriate anti-imperialist officers in the army were arrested and punished  Even today it continues in one form or another. The party's secretary general was exiled.  In 1954, our party was banned   Then a series of repressions began.  Several members of the Central Committee were martyred in the Torture Cell. A Secretary General was mentally paralyzed.
 Now Pakistan is under increasing pressure from both China and the United States to stand on one side. That is why the contradictions between the military leadership and the bourgeois parties on this issue are intensifying.  In our view, both China and the United States are imperialist centers.  We must be independent and pursue policies in the interest of our country and our people.  One should not be part of one's camp and be used against another.
 In the Asia region, the US has found an ally in the form of  India and the Modi's fascist regime.Bangladesh is still avoiding a complete tilt.  The United States has closed its doors to Iran and Iran stands with China and Russia.
 If Pakistan decides to stand with the United States as before, then there is a danger that Pakistan's soil  will be used against China like they did against Afghanista

 Question.  3 How does your communist party assess Pakistani society ? Can one talk of a semi-feudal and semi-capitalist society, controlled by a military elite with an iron fist ?
A:  I would like to share some facts about Pakistan with you which will make our questions and answers easier.The mode of production at this stage in Pakistan  is such that the of economic relations are capitalist and dominant, but the social fabric of society is still feudal.  There are still  areas in Pakistan where forms of pre-feudal tribal society exist.  Particularly In the case of women, feudal and slave relations are also found in most areas.  It is   clear that although the classical feudal economic conditions are no more, the ruling classes of Pakistan are trying not to break the Pre capitalist(feudal)social relations, but rather, to make it more-stronger. Especially when martial law is imposed in the country, the feudals who cooperate with them are given different districts of lands allotments in reward.They try to keep feudalism.  Divide society on the basis of caste, community, and religion or sect.  They want the people to think on the bases of sects.  This military elite has given Pakistan the status of a self-made security state.  On this basis, neither political, nor economic, nor social institutions have been given a chance to establish or flourish

Question.  4 What are the major contradictions within Pakistani society and in which directions are the Communist Party and its members rolling out their actions ?
A:  The Communist Party of Pakistan is working with the following aims in mind. 
 1.  Independence from the supremacy of imperialism
 2.  Sending the military elite back to the barracks.  Prevent their interference in politics and state affairs.
 3. End of feudalism
 4. Establishment of secular democracy by eliminating the interference of religion in state affairs and politics.
 5. A socialist revolution must be the main aim to end the class exploitation.

 The total power of the military elite in Pakistan often raises the question and struggle for democracy 1st in Pakistan  You will be aware that Pakistan is a federation of multi nationalities.  The dominant majority in the military elite is the Punjab bureaucracy.  Even in financial sector the capital of this elite institution dominates the national capital.  Punjab also has a lion share in the big bourgeoisie.  Due to the large share of Punjab's elite in the exploitation of small provinces this exploitation is strongly realised in other nations of the federation.  Therefore, the national contradiction and deprivations often dominates the class contradiction.  This is also making democracy and equality in the country questionable.  Our party also realise and put great imposes  to this emerging and real contradiction.  In view of the party the complete solution of the national question in Pakistan is in the socialist revolution, but in order to resolve this question of inequalities fairly and democratically, it has the Lenin Manifesto for the right of nations, including the right to secession.

Question.  5. Our two parties maintain a united, fraternal working relationship. How does your party see the future of relations between revolutionary parties and of their tasks in a world marked by ever more violent conflicts within the imperialist camp ?
Our party believes that there are similarities in system of governments  between imperialist and the developed capitalist countries, but similarly their internal contradictions are also deep.These differences are becoming more and more severe.  At the moment, the camp of China and Russia is getting stronger to compete with the American imperialist camp. A new situation is that Germany and France are trying to create a new identity in Europe leading to an European economic political force . You may have more information in this regard. They no longer exist as the old allies of the United States.  We believe that we should get benefits and use imperialism internal contradictions for our own of the best example is Venezuela which is receiving support from other camps in Latin America.
 We believe that the difference and internal struggle  between imperialism will be sharpened when imperialism shrinks economically.  The contradictions between them will intensify in the markets. But these imperialist contradictions are not emerging in the form of a war at this time, as they did in the case of the First and Second World Wars although the current economic downfall and recession caused by natural factors like Covid pandemic if prolonged will have a lasting effect. Today wars are rather  fought through proxies. The good example is the Taliban in Afghanistan.  The Taliban are pro-Americans, pro-Russians, pro-Chinese, pro-India, pro-Iran.They also pro Pakistan, the country which is in reality the founders and organizer.  The same role is played by Mujahideen or Islamic terrorists in the Middle East.  Libya, Iraq and Syria are all fighting proxy wars.  Different imperialist camps are fighting each other through proxy forces.  ISIS is playing a key role in this. It is working with the help and blessings of the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia.  In all these differences and struggle for dominance of the imperialist camps , the biggest loss is to the Left and especially to the Communists.  They reinforce religious fanaticism. Just as Modi has fostered religious fanaticism in India and is harming the communists there.  This is the situation we are facing in Pakistan now more than before.A. The friendly relationship  between our brotherly parties are very important and in our views very essential. I am sure that you are also realising this well.  We live in a country where when some one is killed, the news comes that he was killed for blasphemy.  People killed others in a fit of rage after accusing them falsely of rape  Similarly, a woman is killed by accusing her of the violation of religious and cultural values in other wards it is easy to kill some one and not be prosecuted in this country.These types of news do not reach outside Pakistan properly.  We are learning  from you how you resisted such kinds of evils in your societies. 
Although the point of the class struggle between you and us is common. There might be a Slight difference in the  path and procedures but at the end we all communists are committed to the same goal.  After all, our solidarity, friendship can be great.  We believe that even in the International Meetings  of the Communist and Workers' Parties, there is now a significant number of Social Democratic-leaning parties whose names are undoubtedly Communist effecting the work of communist international and may be one of the reason that the International communist has not been able to play its desired role properly.  There is a necessity and a role   for radical communist parties to play in todays world and in the world communist International We now understand that the better way to deal with global capitalism is to join our forces and fight and to defeat  the proxies created by global capitalism together and internationally. The fact  is that our enemy is the same global capitalism and imperialism . Common slogans can adopt a common strategy.  Therefore, we believe that the relationship between the revolutionary communist parties needs to be further strengthened.
  Our party appreciate you for asking about our current situation and difficulties we are facing.We hope  to keep our relationship in the future to achieve our common goals and aims.It is important that the outside world particularly the people of France can get accurate information about the situation in Pakistan.  Pakistan is located in a place that has always worked for the benefits of imperialism. Many people do not even know whether there is a Communist Party in Pakistan or not and how it is working?the hardship we are facing? and this is better way that with your help we can post our situation and share with comrades in the world our thoughts.I myself and on behalf of all our comrades say a huge thank you and hope that our cooperation will continue in the future.

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