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N°10-31/01/2021 The research and production of vaccines to protect populations from the Covid 19 pandemic has given rise to intense research and industrial activity.

N°10-31/01/2021 The European Union and China have just signed an agreement on December 30 on reciprocal investments of two of the world's greatest economic powers. This agreement has been under negotiation since 2013.

N°10-31/01/2021 For several days, demonstrations have shaken the working-class neighborhoods of Tunisian cities. These demonstrations are marked by the youth of the participants who express their anger at a situation which continues to deteriorate.

N°10-31/01/2021 In the Communist Manifesto, F. Engels and K. Marx note: "Big industry created the world market... [It] has tremendously accelerated the development of commerce, navigation, and communication. This development has led in turn to the expansion of industry... "