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N° 31 janvier 2023 Happy New Year 2023 to you and your loved ones

In 2022 Competition has intensified between the capitalist powers and the conflicts within imperialism make the international situation particularly unstable and dangerous. The effects are felt by all peoples and have set in motion a dangerous process of rearmament.

The year 2022 will also have been marked by major worker, peasant and popular struggles and revolts, strikes and demonstrations around the world challenging the capitalist system.
The Revolutionary Communist Party sends everyone a message of solidarity, combativeness and hope. Let a true policy of peace be established, develop peaceful cooperation. For a disarmament policy in the world, with the dissolution of NATO and all military pacts.
In France, let us move forward in a determined way in the fight against the reforms of unemployment insurance, pensions, for our social rights, wages, employment, our public services, our environment, our freedoms. The crucial issue is to put an end to the capitalist system for that of a socialist transformation rid of the exploitation of man by man.
So a good resolution for 2023: strengthen our fight

Bonne année 2023 de luttes et de solidarité internationalistes
Happy new year 2023 of internationalist struggles and solidarity
С новым 2023 годом интернационалистской борьбы и солидарности
Feliz año nuevo 2023 de luchas internacionalistas y solidarias
عام جديد سعيد 2023 لنضالات الأممية والتضامن
Enternasyonalist mücadelelerin ve dayanışmanın mutlu yıllar 2023
Καλή χρονιά 2023
διεθνιστικών αγώνων και