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N° 31 janvier 2023 New Israeli military aggression against Syria  Israel attacked Syria during the night of January 1to2, 2023. The attack took place around 2 o'clock in the morning.


Here is what the Syrian agency Sana has to say: "The Israeli enemy carried out an air attack with the help of a barrage of missiles, targeting the international airport of Damascus and its surroundings [...] causing the death of two soldiers, injuries to two others" and material damage, the agency said, citing a Syrian military source. The airport is "out of service" , she added.
Since 2011, Israel has taken advantage of attempts by Islamist fascist armed organizations to overthrow the Baathist government to carry out hundreds of airstrikes in its neighbor, often near Damascus airport, while arming some of its fascist military organizations. Already on June 10, 2022, the airport was disabled by an Israeli missile attack.
Once again the State of Israel decides to carry the war where it wants without that does not disturb, in any case in the European Union and the USA, these temples of the so-called "democracy". Whether it is the massacres of Palestinians or the bombardment in Lebanon or Syria, Israel always has total and benevolent impunity.
This impunity is matched only by the cynicism of the leaders of the theocratic and colonialist state of Israel. Thus, on December 28, the head of the Israeli army's operations directorate, Major General Oded Basiuk, mentioned these raids in Syria by presenting his operational prospects for 2023. "We note that our action plan in Syria is an example of how continuous and persistent military action leads to shaping and influencing the entire region ,” the army spokesman said when reporting on General Basiuk's presentation.
The official pretext is always the same: Iran, Hezbollah, Israel arrogates to itself the right to decide what is good for the region, clearly for the Israeli Grand Bourgeoisie and its more or less fascist valets in power.

But it is necessary, behind the official, to seek perhaps other reasons, probably more real. First, despite the Israeli military occupation, the population of the Golan regularly reminds us that it is and will remain Syrian and that its territory must once again become an integral part of the Syrian Arab Republic. A demonstration took place in particular on December 14, at the time of the 41st anniversary of the occupation and on the occasion of a decision of annexation announced by the leaders of Israel and Sana reports on the press release subsequently published by his organizers. Here is an excerpt:“We in the occupied Syrian Arab Golan affirm our categorical rejection of this false decision and our total rejection of the Israeli occupation and all its plans which aim to uproot us from our genuine national belonging. The struggle and resistance will continue until the entire Golan is liberated from occupation […] the land, people, soil and water of the Golan will be Syrian only, and all plans and actions of the Golan he occupation, in particular the “decision of annexation” are doomed to failure. »

And above all, it could well have something to do with the new situation in Israel since the constitution of the umpteenth Netanyahu government with fascist ministers, declaring open war on all Palestinians as well as Israeli Arabs.
Thus, the Israeli Communist Party reports, on its site, of a demonstration in front of the Knesset: "Thousands of demonstrators descended on the Knesset last Thursday, from the morning, to demonstrate against the new far-right government, among which Hadash MP Ofer Cassif. Ta'al party leader MK Ahmad Tibi told Haaretz last week: "We will act as an aggressive opposition, but that will not be enough ," he said, adding that“We need civil protest as well as legal actions and media campaigns” and a “joint Arab-Jewish campaign that will not compromise” . Chairman of Israel's Arab Citizens' High Monitoring Committee and leading Israeli Communist Party activist Mohammad Barakeh released a statement on Thursday in which he outlined the first steps the Arab public must take: " strengthening the civic activity within Arab communities and strengthen the activity of Arab parties.The committee called on all Arab parties to be more involved in the local elections scheduled for October 2023 and to make an effort to prevent the appointment of criminals in the municipalities."

Of course, the Revolutionary Communist Party condemns this unjustifiable attack and assures the Syrian civilians and soldiers affected and their families of its solidarity.
But, more generally, we underline the unbearable attitude of the State of Israel, which attacks its northern neighbors who choose resistance to its oppression, obviously, the southern and eastern neighbors are well more accommodating. And above all, it is in Lebanon and in Syria that there remains real support for the martyred Palestinian people.
We support resistance to the colonialist State of Israel and its current fascist government, whether they come from inside or outside the country, we demand that the aggressions of the State of Israel against the neighboring countries and against the Palestinian people.

Xi Jinping meets Vladimir Putin by video link
on Friday, December 30 Presidents Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin met by video conference. The Russian news agencies, TASS and the Chinese news agency, Agence Chine Nouvelle, published a report of this discussion. It should be noted that meetings between officials of the two countries have multiplied in the last period and undeniably reflect a desire for rapprochement, particularly in the economic and political fields, while joint military maneuvers are multiplying. The most recent, Vostok 2022 near Vladivostok saw the participation of Russia, China, India, Mongolia, Syria... and more recently, maritime in the East China Sea with Russia and China.
To varying degrees, China and Russia have common interests, those of powers which intend to weigh internationally and which are designated by the United States and its allies as systemic enemies. Their ambition to constitute a powerful pole competing with that dominated by the United States within the imperialist system is obviously opposed to the will of the latter to remain the masters of the international game. Moreover, Russia and China have complementary elements which reinforce their need for close relations. In particular, China, the world's second economic power, has an urgent need for energy supplies which it does not have but which Russia has in abundance. Significantly, one of the consequences of the embargo of Russian gas and oil products due to the sanctions it is subject to because of the war in Ukraine is the redirection of energy flows towards China in particular and Asia in general. Moreover, if China is densely populated in a territory whose limits in terms of agro-food production are reaching their limits, Russia has a vast territory that is sparsely populated and susceptible to still significant agrarian development.
All these factors therefore fuel Sino-Russian relations, the significant growth and resilience of which were noted by the two interlocutors. The Xinhua News Agency notes in this regard: "Mr. Xi stressed that the two sides should make more use of existing mechanisms to advance their cooperation in the fields of economy, trade, energy, finance and agriculture". For its part, the TASS agency reports that the Russian president declared that: "Despite the unfavorable external environment, the illegitimate restrictions and the direct blackmail of certain Western countries, Russia and China have managed to ensure record rates of mutual growth in turnover...the turnover
On the expected subject of China's political and military support for Russia in the conflict which, through Ukraine, opposes it to the United States and NATO (1) , the least that can be said is that the China remained very cautious. The two accounts of the meeting made by the two Russian and Chinese press agencies bear witness to this. If the TASS agency writes that: "About military cooperation The military and military-technical cooperation of the two countries contributes not only to ensuring their own security, but also to "maintaining stability in key regions" , adding the wish of President Putin that Moscow: "intended to strengthen cooperation with Beijing in this area". However, there is absolutely no mention of this question in the text of the Agence Chine Nouvelle. This difference reflects the fact that China, while it has not condemned Russia's military aggression against the territory of an internationally recognized sovereign state, including by Russia, in the United Nations, while it does not apply embargo against Russia, however it regularly expresses its concern that a diplomatic solution be found as soon as possible. This is what Xi Jinping said to Dmtri Medvedev, bearer of a message from Vladimir Putin, during his visit to Beijing on December 21:"[China] hopes that all parties concerned will exercise rationality and restraint, engage in comprehensive dialogue and resolve their common security concerns through political means."
What prevails in China-Russia relations, like those between other states, are the interests of the states and the capitalist monopolies. The alliances and misalliances within imperialism are the fruit of economic relations and of the fierce struggle between the powers and the capitalist monopolies to control natural wealth, the material and immaterial means of communication and the labor force available alone. a force that extracts profits and contributes to the accumulation of capital.

(1) -of-the-globalised-capitalist-system