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N° 32 février 2023   Peru: thousands of workers opposed to the reactionaries' takeover converge on Lima...Israel: demonstration of 100,000 people... 


The situation in Peru is characterized above all by the refusal of many workers, particularly from the agricultural regions of the south and east of the country, to give up and accept the dictates of President Boluarte and the parliamentary right.
Since Monday, thousands of workers opposed to the takeover of the reactionaries have converged on Lima, the capital, sometimes making very long journeys, and on San Martin Square. They settle down and wait for the others to come and demand both Dina Boluarte's resignation and immediate general elections. The slogan "Let them all go!" is now on everyone 's lips.
It is a question of remaining on the spot until obtaining the claims. All of this is not happening under a clear sky, the police are cracking down and have already caused more than 40 deaths, the president has declared a state of emergency in certain cities, including Lima, but, despite this repression, the Peruvian people are holding on shock and brave the state of emergency by converging on Lima.
It is time for the illegitimate authorities to hear the anger and the will of the people. The Revolutionary Communist Party condemns the escalation of repression, police then armed and supports the workers who protest and demand the departure of a reactionary and discredited power.

The 100,000-strong pro-democracy protest, held in central Tel Aviv on Saturday night at the initiative of the Quality Government Movement, as well as smaller protests that took place that night in Jerusalem and Haifa, prove that in Israel there is a very large public ready to fight the government of fascism.
The rally held in the square was preceded a week earlier by a rally at the same location with the participation of thousands of people. Demonstrations are now planned for the upcoming Jewish New Year's Eve in Tel Aviv and other cities. This is the tip of the iceberg, that is, mass demonstrations behind which hide hundreds of national and local initiatives - an expression of the will to fight for democracy on the basis of demands targeted (such as civil servants who oppose the dismemberment of administrations, or social workers and health unions who fight against the lowering of the professional level) or more broadly: the student demonstrations of
This justice reform, which would consist of restricting the powers of the Supreme Court to save corrupt ministers, in particular the leader of the Shas (Sephardic religious) party, Arié Déry, is the main target of the "official" opposition political parties , but it cannot sum up the dispute.
There are real differences of opinion between the participants in the protest in general and in the demonstration on Monday in particular and the organizations which support it, on certain fundamental questions. Thus, former Prime Minister Yair Lapid boycotted the demonstration, the non-Labour left and Arab parties were systematically excluded from the post-demonstration speakers, which did not prevent activists from appearing at the demonstration on Saturday. with their red flags and anti-occupation slogans.
For the Communist Party of Israel,“The wave of protest in recent weeks recalls two founding events of the systems against the right in power: the opposition to the criminal war in Lebanon in 1982, and the mass social protest of the summer of 2011. The political project of these protests was indeed different, but their goal is the same: the overthrow of the Likud government and its partners. The Israeli Communist Party regrets the absence of a unified leadership, a split between the camp of compromise and the camp of real protest, and a lack of politico-ideological agreement on the principles of protest and its objectives .
In this context, he speaks out for the creation of an “antifascist democratic initiative” (YDA):“which will bring together all organizations, movements and activists and even parties that are ready to present a valid alternative and a clear platform to the Israeli public opinion. No more stammering about "lost governance" or the "supreme court that protects democracy", but the establishment of a political platform that does not call for a return to an imaginary democratic Israeli past.
The initiative must be egalitarian Judeo-Arab, without the exclusion and discrimination that prevails in the liberal Zionist camp. It is essential that it calls for a fight against the occupation. Israel will not be democratic as long as the occupation of Palestinian territories continues. The initiative must protect existing democratic spaces and social rights, including workers' rights, and work to deepen them. »

This is where the situation is. The apparent demand for justice reform should not hide the fact that a good part of the demonstrators, in Tel Aviv as elsewhere, do not cherish the idea of ​​a return to a former democratic Israel but that of the arrival of true democracy in Israel. In the midst of Zionist politicians who want to use discontent or appease it, the path is not easy. But the Revolutionary Communist Party supports the actions of the workers and particularly that of the PCI to overthrow the current regime which is turning to fascism and to win social and democratic rights. At the same time, it supports the fundamental rights of the Palestinian people to a state and the right of return of refugees. He campaigns for the French government to stop supporting the apartheid state.