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Our comrade Paul Fraisse, member of the leadership of our party of which he was one of the founders, died on January 16 in his 92nd year .


Paul had been on dialysis for two and a half years and had recently been very weakened by the treatment, especially since he had had major surgeries several years earlier.
Paul was born on October 28, 1931 in Saint Etienne in a family of miners, his grandfather and his father were miners, both involved in the struggles of miners who contributed to strengthening the image of "Saint Etienne the red city »
He stayed in Saint Etienne until the end of his schooling in technical college, where he went to Paris to work in the PTT, then as an itinerant postman on the Paris Strasbourg line. From his first job Paul adhered to the CGT and the PCF and engaged in the revolutionary fight that he will never leave.
In the years 1955-1960, Paul will become a permanent member of the French Communist Party in the Arrondissement Committee of the 10th arrondissement , then he will work for two years with Etienne Fajon at the newspaper l'Humanité. Etienne Fajon, in view of Paul's political qualities, the acumen of his analyses, his ability to convince with extremely clear political arguments, thinks that Paul's role is to be a political leader of a structure of the PCF, in contact with workers and militants. From there Paul was district secretary in the 16th and in 1975 district secretary in the 5th . Member of the federal committee of Paris, he was elected to the federal office responsible for youth.
In 1990, Paul Fraisse was responsible for higher education issues for the National Committee of the PCF.
From the beginning of the drift of the PCF, committed to the path of social democracy, abandoning the class struggle, Paul fought at all the levels of responsibility which were his with other comrades against the capitulation of the PCF. Already during the PCF congress in 1982, Paul in a discussion forum warned the Communists against the temptations to take over "the relentlessness of imperialist circles, to paint black the reality of the socialist countries and to write a cross on the socialist countries in order to make credible the way towards a self-managing socialism, such an attitude would be suicidal”. With the disappearance of the USSR, there was no longer a revolutionary party in France, the 30th congress of the PCF confirmed that it had sunk into the management of capitalism. It was urgent that a new revolutionary party emerge, a party on which the workers and the people can count. Paul was one of the founders of the revolutionary class struggle party COMMUNISTS, created on March 2, 2002.
For more than 20 years, Paul was one of the leaders of the party, a member of the secretariat, of the national committee and of the national office, in charge of the editorial board, he invested himself in the revolutionary fight of our party, and shared with us a part of his life and his convictions. Very attentive to the strengthening of our party in all areas, aware of the need for a revolutionary party, of the theoretical and political rigor based on the mastery of the foundations of Marxism-Leninism, rigor essential to build the anti-capitalist fight until the transformation of society, Paul was particularly attentive to the training of activists. The comrades will remember these training courses during which he dispensed a pedagogy worthy of a great politician, the bases of Marxism-Leninism,
As head of the editorial committee for the articles of the Hebdo and the newspaper, the tracts have always been the subject of rigorous reading, of substantive political intervention, respectful of the political line of the party fixed and enriched by the congresses, with a major concern: to analyze, to give to understand, to open perspectives. Paul fulfilled his role as leader of the editorial board until his last breath.
During all these years, the rigor of his analysis, of his fundamentally Marxist-Leninist political reflection, has nourished the life of the party. They were a decisive element in making the Revolutionary Communist Party a great party, the only revolutionary party in France.
But we can't talk about Paul without mentioning his humor, sometimes scathing, his good humor, his sense of friendship. Paul was a man who had a great political and literary culture, he was a man who knew how to live and how to live well.
His departure leaves us with a great void. We are losing a comrade, a friend, a revolutionary militant of great value.
We continue his fight.