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N° 33 mars 2023 Green light from Macron to Netanyahu… Turkey and Syria devastated by an earthquake 80 years since the victory at Stalingrad… Fuel on the fire in the South China Sea:


Green light from Macron to Netanyahu to fire on the Palestinians in order to reinforce colonization.

Macron received Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last Thursday (February 2) at the Élysée Palace.

One would have thought that the violence exercised by the Israeli colonial state on the Palestinians would be the first subject to be discussed and that it would also be a question of the new government coalition in Israel, which contains fascist parties and even worries part of the right. of the colonial state. But nothing happened, the first subject was relegated to second place and the second forgotten.
Main subject: Iran
But what was more important than the fate of the Palestinians? Iran, which definitely seems to be the Israeli leaders' nightmare. It is well understood that these are rival regional imperialist powers, which dispute on the spot the zones of influence.
Of course, this was to dress it up in different verbiage: the two leaders expressed their intention to "work together" against Iran's "destabilizing" activities in the Middle East and Tehran's "support" for the Russia in its offensive in Ukraine. Macron of course added to this by "denouncing" Iran's "headlong rush" in its nuclear program. The Elysée press release even adds that "continuing this trajectory would not remain without consequences".
On the other hand, the report of the State of Israel to the atomic bomb does not seem to worry Macron. That Netanyahu continues to denounce the military aims of Iranian nuclear power is rather curious coming from the leaders of a State which obtained the bomb thanks to apartheid South Africa, by violating all the agreements and the resolutions of the UN.
But what worries the two men just as much, if not more, is that Tehran is "destabilizing" the countries of the region, from Lebanon to Yemen, by relying on local militias. France 24 announces to us in passing a major seizure of Iranian weapons intended for Yemen, carried out in January by unidentified "Western allies" who would be soldiers of the French special forces, according to the Wall Street Journal.
So, according to the morals of the dominant imperialism and its sidekicks, it is licit to deliver arms to a country attacked by another if it is called Ukraine, but not if it is called Yemen . So there are righteous invasions and others not. All this sheds even more light on the character of the war in Ukraine, an imperialist war seeing rival powers confront each other.
And we come back to Iran, since Macron is worried about Iranian support for Russia in the war in Ukraine (the famous Iranian drones). The war in Ukraine does not seem to worry Netanyahu too much, on the contrary it is useful to him, since the imperialist powers of NATO point the finger at Iran. He announces "to consider supplying arms to Ukraine", but it's all very vague. What is clear, however, is his hope of consolidating an anti-Iranian front. The goal of the Prime Minister is "an increase in sanctions against Tehran and the complete blacklisting of the Revolutionary Guards, in their civilian and military component" an option for the moment refused by both Paris and Berlin, explains- he.
Iran can recall Israel's recent military attacks in Syria and its continued occupation of the Syrian Golan, despite all UN treaties and resolutions.
For the Revolutionary Communist Party, there are no good imperialists. Whether in Ukraine or in the Middle East, we do not support any imperialist power, whether it is waging war or preparing for it. But we demand the withdrawal of the troops of the Israeli colonial state from the Syrian Golan, illegally occupied, and the end of the process of eradication of the Palestinian population now in place.
The situation in Palestine
All the same, at the end of the meeting, we had to talk about the situation in Palestine. Macron began, of course, by expressing: "France's painful and complete solidarity with Israel in its fight against terrorism".It was only then that he tempered his proposal by recommending: "to avoid any measure likely to feed the cycle of violence" and by evoking his " firm opposition to the continuation of colonization which undermines the perspective of a future Palestinian state.
Note that Macron did not have a word to condemn the Jenin massacre. And let it be paid for with words. His declarations do not eat bread: we hardly see French diplomacy agitating to obtain the end of colonization. And then is the end enough? We don't think so, we must dismantle and end the oppression of the apartheid state on the Palestinians. Finally, he mentioned: "the resumption of a political process towards a solution"as well as the stillborn Palestinian state. On the other hand, it does not propose sanctions against the apartheid state if colonization continues, which is on the program of the Israeli government.
We don't know what Netanyahu answered, the journalists don't say. But, that brings us back to what we wrote last week. For a time, the Israeli imperialist power wanted to leave a bone to gnaw at the Palestinians, to make them lay down their arms, to grant them controlled freedom (Rabin and the Oslo Accords) or to send them all to the pseudo Palestinian State by leaving them, term, get by (Sharon). But the plan of Israel's current leaders is to occupy the West Bank, kill as many Palestinians as possible and reduce the survivors to virtual slavery.
And Macron is giving Netanyahu a blank check to continue killing Palestinians and occupying their territory.
The Revolutionary Communist Party recalls that Israeli leaders are not welcome in France, in particular the very corrupt and fascistic Netanyahu. We demand the severance of diplomatic relations until Israeli troops and settlers evacuate the West Bank and East Jerusalem and advocate a boycott of Israeli products. We support the Palestinian people in their struggle for a secular and democratic Palestinian state and for the right of return for refugees.

Turkey and Syria devastated by an earthquake more than 15,000 dead and thousands injured and missing

Early on February 6, 2023, the Republic of Turkey and the Syrian Arab Republic were devastated by a magnitude 7.8 earthquake and numerous aftershocks, including a magnitude 7.5 earthquake. The earthquakes have already killed more than 15,000 people and injured tens of thousands, not to mention the thousands of people still trapped in collapsed buildings. Tens of thousands of survivors have no housing, no food, no electricity and live in appalling conditions.
The Revolutionary Communist Party sends its most sincere condolences to those who lost loved ones in this horrible earthquake. The urgency now is to rescue and help all the populations concerned to face this crisis situation in Turkey and Syria.
In this chaos, the Communists of Turkey of the TKP believe that everything must be done to save the lives that can still be saved and point to the need for vigorous action by the State in the face of this crisis situation. In a statement entitled: "Unfortunately we cannot remain silent", he underlines the heavy responsibility of the Turkish power and its inability, voluntary or not, to deal with the situation: "You are constantly talking about figures, saying that so many "crews, ambulances, helicopters and police are on the ground. However, the actual number of our citizens who have lost their lives increases as you linger. As TKP, we do our best to this moment, helping whom we can reach under the rubble, and delivering and distributing the help, which is delivered to our party with such confidence, in the earthquake zone. But tomorrow we will add new ones to these questions. Even though we all know the answer… Naturally the most important thing is solidarity and help at this time.”
Another aspect of the situation is noted by the Communist Party of the USA. In a statement, he condemns Western sanctions against Syria and the selectivity of aid which deprives the Syrian people of international means to deal with the situation, adding: "We must stand with the people of Turkey and Syria , placing the needs of the people above the needs of profit and the war machine".
The earthquake does not differentiate between the peoples of Turkey and Syria, we owe them massive and non-selective aid immediately!

80 years of victory at Stalingrad
The Battle of Stalingrad, which began in July 1942, lasted 200 days and nights. On February 2, 1943, the troops of Nazi Germany and its allies, led by Field Marshal F. Von Paulus, locked in by a large encirclement maneuver by the Soviet army were forced to surrender. This victory was a major turning point in the Second World War. This defeat inflicted on the Nazis was at the cost of gigantic human sacrifices, the city was razed by German bombardments and the battle claimed more than two million lives.
This success of the Soviet troops, after the failure of the conquest of Moscow by the Nazi troops, was a blow of great military and symbolic significance showing the end of the legend of the invincibility of Germany. If the path was still long and deadly for the liberation of Europe and the crushing of Nazism by its capitulation in May 1945, this victory lit the way of the fight against the Nazi forces.
Paying homage today to the peoples of the Soviet Union, to the soldiers, to the USSR in their immense and decisive contribution to the defeat of Nazism is not only a duty of memory but also an internationalist duty for all those who fight in the world to put an end to capitalist exploitation and build a society of justice, freedom and peace.

Adding fuel to the fire in the South China Sea
This month of February begins on the 1stunder martial auspices in the high-risk zone of the South Pacific by a new phase of joint military maneuvers between the American and South Korean armies against China. The North Korean Foreign Ministry reacted immediately, saying that the United States and its allies were deliberately taking the risk of inflaming the region. The next day, February 2, the United States and the Philippines unveiled an agreement allowing American soldiers to access four additional bases in this Southeast Asian country and store equipment and ammunition there (230 km from Taiwan ). In doing so, the Philippines, a bridge between America and Asia, seeks, like its longtime ally, to counter the rise of China's military power. From February 3, Beijing deplored the signing of the military agreement and affirmed the risk taken contributing to fueling tensions in the region. In an interview with the Financial Times, the high-ranking American J.Bierman explains that the successes of the United States and NATO against Russia in Ukraine were the result of a perfect“preparing the ground” comparable to what the Pentagon is currently doing in Asia to prepare for a conflict with China over Taiwan. It can not be any clearer !
The American and South Korean armies have obtained from their respective governments a deployment of resources commensurate with the challenges in this region of the world: 858 billion dollars for the United States, 44 billion for South Korea, the 6th army in the world. World peace is more threatened than ever. The spiral of the arms race must be stopped The Revolutionary Communist Party calls for the arm of warmongers to be stopped. A single solution, the struggle for peace and disarmament by showing the responsibility of the imperialist system in the confrontations in progress and in those which it is preparing.