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N° 33 mars 2023 The special operation on Ukrainian territory, so described by the authorities of the Russian Federation, was launched by the latter a year ago.

We have shown the causes 1 and analyzed the nature: that of a war within the imperialist system 2 , adding that the consequences weigh heavily and will weigh heavily for a long time for nations and peoples 3 .

However, it is not enough to stick to analyzes and observations, however accurate they may be, on the nature of this war, we must immediately lead the political struggle and create the balance of power to put an end to the conflict as quickly as possible by demanding that Russia end its aggression against the sovereign state of Ukraine, while the United States, together with its allies in NATO, must stop using of the Ukrainian people as cannon fodder to ensure their global domination.
A year later, what do the facts say? The Russian Federation, which has initiated military operations with the stated objective of denazifying Ukraine and demilitarizing it, first attacked the heart of political power by trying to overthrow the power in place by focusing its operation on the capital kyiv. This phase of the operation ended in failure and the Russian Federation had to withdraw its troops. The operation to take Kharkov also ended in failure and led to the reduction of the sailson the control of Donbass and the eastern regions. Since then the front line has stabilized without any major advantage appearing on both sides of the front. Throughout this year, military operations resulted in increased pressure on populations through the systematic destruction of civilian infrastructure, particularly energy. The Russian Federation recalled about 300,000 reservists, while the US and its NATO allies significantly and significantly increased their military and financial aid to Ukraine. This escalation is accompanied by a shift in the war aims displayed by the powers operating in Ukraine. those of Russia, have evolved significantly since the rhetoric on the change of power in Kiev has disappeared from the speeches and that on denazification has considerably lost its intensity in favor of that on the defense of the motherland and the annexed territories which according to her are doing so today now fully part of and Russian civilization threatened by a degenerate West! In this speech, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation drives the point home, recycling a slogan of the Great Patriotic War against Nazi Germany (1941-1945) by posting on its site:everything for the front, everything for the victory! The annexation of four regions of Ukraine to the Russian Federation constitutes a violation of international law. It is a major obstacle to the search for a negotiated solution which must respect the sovereignty of Ukraine and the rights of all its peoples. In the meantime, the Russian capitalists are rubbing their hands in noting that capitalist Russia, under the cloak of anti-fascism and fierce repression against all voices of opposition within the country, has conquered all the shores of the Sea of ​​Azov as well as thousands of square kilometers of fertile land, mineral wealth and industrial infrastructure, which belonged to Ukraine, and several million workers,
In terms of support for Ukraine, the objectives range from weakening the Russian Federation and therefore making it more vulnerable to having unfavorable standards imposed on it as a supplier of raw materials, to weakening the link between Russia and China while the interests of the USA are not necessarily the same as those of European countries like France and Germany and the sanctions on the trade in hydrocarbons and gas imposed on Russia make the business of the US energy giants! In this context, the big energy monopolies, the armament industries are seeing their profits explode.
If the capitalists benefit from the war, the big losers of this year of imperialist war are the peoples,the Ukrainian and Russian peoples who mourn their deaths by the tens of thousands, the destruction of their towns and villages, the exile of millions of them but also all the peoples to whom the capitalists send the note! All those who pay for the additional profits of capital either with the blood of their children, and out of their pocket, since the war has increased the cost of living by galloping inflation and the reduction of popular incomes.
It is urgent to move towards peace, how?This haunting question often comes up as the fears are great that an escalation of the conflict leads to the irreparable: that is to say to a nuclear war. Let's not hide things from ourselves, only a resolute action by the peoples to put an end to the war will be fundamentally likely to create the conditions for a just peace, without annexation and with respect for the sovereignty of the peoples. All initiatives in this direction will have our support. What is interesting is that voices are beginning to rise to say stop! From this point of view, the presentation by China of a possible political settlement in twelve points 5shows that among the countries which in fact represent the majority of Humanity, a pressing need is felt to get out of the current impasse. This project is clearly based on the need to: " Respect the sovereignty of all countries. Universally recognized international law, including the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, must be strictly observed. The sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of all countries must be effectively guaranteed. Countries, whether large or small, powerful or weak, rich or poor, are equal members of the international community. The various parties should jointly uphold the basic norms governing international relations and uphold international fairness and justice. We must promote equal and uniform application of international law and reject double standards." Admittedly, the reactions to this plan have been negative, but no one will be able to ignore for very long the need to consider the post-war period and therefore to seek ways allowing both the reconstruction of Ukraine, the place and the rights of its peoples, as well as the need to rebuild an architecture of collective security in Europe and in the world. The choice is there between the deadly escalation or the path of peace for the peoples!

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