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Bulletin N° 34 avril 2023 Our Communist Revolutionary Party has expressed itself many times on the imperialist nature of the war in Ukraine and especially in a document published in a brochure: "War in Ukraine: A rise towards a wider conflict within the imperialist system.


On the basis of our analyses, we contributed, by our signature, to several documents of the communist and workers' parties. The war in Ukraine has now been going on for more than a year and we have appreciated that it was essential, together with dozens of communist organizations, to express ourselves again through a joint declaration, the English version of which you will find with the list of parties. signatories at: Ukraine/


We must strengthen the struggle against monopolies and the bourgeois classes, for the overthrow of capitalism, for the strengthening of the class struggle against imperialist war, for socialism!
A year has passed since the beginning of the imperialist conflict in Ukraine, which is one of the consequences of the tragic situation that has developed for the peoples after the overthrow of socialism and the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The peoples of the two countries, Ukraine and Russia, who lived in peace and prospered together as Soviet republics under the USSR, have been shedding their blood for nine years now, culminating in last year's massacre. This is due to the plans of the United States, NATO and the EU, in the context of the fierce competition of these powers with capitalist Russia for control of markets, raw materials, transport networks and geopolitical dominations in the Eurasian region. The communist and workers' parties express their solidarity with the peoples of Ukraine and Russia, who are paying with their blood for the imperialist conflict. We have shown and continue to show the peoples that the developments in Ukraine are taking place within the framework of monopoly capitalism, rejecting the false pretenses used by both sides. We opposed the action of fascist and nationalist forces, anti-communism, the persecution of communists and the persecution of trade unions, which intensified during the first year of the imperialist war in the two countries. We salute the actions that have been carried out this year by a series of CPs, which have mobilized the masses against imperialist war through statements, mass events, rallies, demonstrations outside NATO and US military bases, in ports, railroads and highways against the shipment of new weapons for the slaughterhouse of imperialist war. We call on our sister parties to join in this necessary work of clarification and practice. We emphasize once again that the peoples have no interest in siding with this or that imperialist, with this or that alliance that serves the interests of the monopolies. We call on the peoples of the countries involved in the war to strengthen their struggle against the propaganda of the bourgeois powers which push the peoples towards the "meat grinder" of imperialist war using various false pretexts. Demand that military bases be closed and that all troops serving overseas return home. Strengthen the struggle for the disengagement of their countries from imperialist organizations and alliances such as NATO and the EU. The interest of the working class and the popular layers requires that the class criterion be reinforced in the analysis of developments, so that the peoples draw up a common front against the camp of the imperialists, who clash for their interests, causing enormous human losses, significant material damage, exposing all of humanity to the real danger of nuclear annihilation. Workers must chart their own independent path and strengthen the class struggle against monopolies, bourgeois classes and imperialist war, Joint-Statement-of-Communist-and-Workers-Parties-No-to-the-imperialist-war-in-Ukraine/