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Bulletin N°37 aout 2023 On Monday July 3, in the deafening silence of the "international community" , the Israeli apartheid regime committed real carnage in the Jenin refugee camp in occupied Palestinian territory.

The Palestine Media Agency lists 10 Palestinians murdered since yesterday in Jenin and more than 100 injured in what constitutes the largest invasion of a Palestinian town since 2002. Thousands of people have had to flee their homes in the Jenin refugee camp. Jenin to avoid death, terrible images which are reminiscent of that of the Nakba in 1948.
Amjad Iraqi, who is editor-in-chief of the magazine +972, summarizes the Israeli strategy as follows: "The Palestinians in the West Bank cities are discovering that if their expulsion is not possible, gazouisation will be their future.“ It is therefore nothing less than the organization of ghettos on the Gaza model, paving the way for the formalization of the annexation of the West Bank (1) .
The use of air attacks in the intervention of occupying troops in Jenin reveals a particularly dangerous step in the evolution of Israeli strategy. They are the first in the West Bank in 20 years. They awaken the nightmares of many Palestinians who were injured or killed by helicopter attacks during the second Intifada. At that time, air warfare became the mode of control of the Gaza Strip, accelerated by the Israeli withdrawal from its settlements in 2005 and the total blockade of the territory following the Hamas takeover.
Like Gaza, Jenin has long been a bastion of Palestinian resistance and, as such, is the target of fierce repression. Famous Palestinian journalist from Al Jazeera, Shireen Abu Akhel, was assassinated (2)coldly in May 2022, shot in the head while covering yet another Israeli military raid in this camp. For more than a year, the Israeli army has carried out a military operation in the city, regularly cordoning off the area while troops break into civilians' homes and destroy public infrastructure almost every week. Palestinian resistance fighters, led by young men who wage uninterrupted combat, have recently shown that they can make the invasion of Israeli troops complicated; which forced the army to fall back on its air forces last week. The bombing of a populated urban area, as well as the collective punishment of an entire city, is all the more justifiable in the eyes of the colonizers as Jenin is demonized,
Lock up part of the Palestinian people in ghettos which will be under military control of the colonizing state; as is already the case in Gaza, it denies the existence of a Palestinian state even though it is recognized by the UN. This denial of a Palestinian state is the official position of the colonial power which is based on the idea that there is no Palestinian people. This is how Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich declared during a private visit to Paris: “There are no Palestinians, because there is no Palestinian people.”. Today, Israeli officials are going further by asserting that there will be no Palestinian state and acting accordingly. Is this negation worth a concert of protests from those States which present themselves as defenders of freedoms and respect for human rights? Not in the least and there is rather silence in the ranks! The United States in the lead and France in the group of followers continue to unreservedly support apartheid and the state racism of the colonizer.
As we wrote in our Hebdo No. 827:"The question now arises of the future of the Palestinian people, in a State, which cannot be the one that the puppet Palestinian authority pretends to lead. This requires the end of the theocratic State of Israel, such as it exists today and the defeat of the fascists who rule it. It is in the interest of workers around the world to support the just struggle of the Palestinians for a state in which they can live, a secular state. The Communist Revolutionary Party is of this fight. We also demand the right of return for all Palestinians exiled for decades and that, immediately, France sever its diplomatic relations with the criminal and oppressive state of Israel."

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