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Bulletin N° 34 avril 2023 Our Communist Revolutionary Party has expressed itself many times on the imperialist nature of the war in Ukraine and especially in a document published in a brochure: "War in Ukraine: A rise towards a wider conflict within the imperialist system.

Bulletin N°34 avril 2023 Chinese President Xi Jinping recently visited his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin.

Their meeting resulted in a joint statement that indicates a strengthening of bilateral economic ties, but also a convergence of views on the vision of the capitalist world that they promote. The leaders of these imperialist powers there affirmed their will to take their place in the inter-imperialist competition.

Bulletin N° 34 avril 2023 On March 3, 4 and 5, the third meeting of the "World Anti-Imperialist Platform" was held in Caracas (Venezuela), after those in Paris (October 2022) and Belgrade ( December 2022). What is it about ?

Bulletin N° 34 avril 2023 Started with a grand speech meant to break for the umpteenth time with the contemptuous and lesson-giving practices of the former colonial power, Emmanuel Macron's African week is a complete failure, both the reception of people can leave no doubt about the possible results and so vague is France's new African project presented at the Elysée.