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N° 31 janvier 2023  As every year, in 2022 we are publishing a review of the seventy-five articles that appeared in the international section of COMMUNISTES-Hebdo.


This chronological report allows our readers to easily find the articles published and to access them thanks to the link which connects them to our site. We have dealt with all the important subjects on the basis of the orientation given by our party during the national office of February 13, 2016 which we had devoted to international issues (1) and which were confirmed by the national offices and committees which monitoring.
In this section, we echo the social and political struggles that are taking place in the world against capitalism in its modern imperialist dimension. We are committed to showing our solidarity with these struggles as we believe that the balance of power between capitalism and those it exploits depends on it.
The year 2022 has been marked by the rise of clashes within the imperialist system which is reflected, among other things, in the war in Ukraine. On this subject, we have given our point of view with clarity, formalizing it in a brochure: "War in Ukraine: A rising step in the rise towards a wider conflict within the imperialist system" (2) and we have expressed jointly with dozens of communist parties around the world in the form of two joint declarations (3) .
We organized on December 3 an initiative to celebrate the victory of the Algerian people over French imperialism (4), this initiative which has had a real success leads us to prepare for the coming months a debate on the questions of imperialism.
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https://www.sitecommunistes. org/index.php/monde/monde/2064-resolution-sur-la-guerre
imperialiste-sur-le-territoire-de-l-ukraine of-Communist-and-Workers-Parties-No-to-the-imperialist-war-in-Ukraine/ initiative-celebrating-the-victory-of-the-algerian-people-over-french-imperialism

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