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Bulletin N° 30 décembre 2022 The initiative of our revolutionary COMMUNISTS party, celebrating the victory of the Algerian people over French imperialism has been an undeniable success.

 All afternoon of Saturday, December 3, after the representatives of the Revolutionary Communist Party(1) and the Algerian Communist Party(2) spoke , more than sixteen interventions enriched the debate followed by fifty participants. Thus, communists or not, Algerians and French, friends of the Algerian people who have contributed to the struggle for the independence of Algeria, younger people in search of understanding the springs of this struggle for national liberation, they dialogued without taboo. If the emotion was strong at the evocation of the long martyrdom of the Algerian people under the French colonial yoke, the strength of the debate was to seek to understand the subsequent developments of independent Algeria in the environment of imperialist confrontations. In the opinion of the participants, an opinion which we share, these questions should be given great attention. That is why, We will extend this first debate with two new meetings that we are going to start working on. We would like to thank all those who contributed to the success of this initiative: the militants of the Communist Revolutionary Party and the Algerian Communist Party who were involved in the preparation of the initiative, the participants and speakers, those who for various reasons excused but sometimes left written documents and the representatives of AFASPA(2) , the Communist Party of Greece and Pakistan who honored us with their participation.

Paris on December 04, 2022

(1) Both interventions are published on our site. All those of which we will have received the text will be published in a brochure dedicated to the initiative
(2) French Association of Friendship and Solidarity with the Peoples of Africa.

Intervention of the Algerian Communist Party: for the 60th anniversary of independence

Intervention of the Cummunist Revolutionary Party. 1962-2022: On December 3, let's celebrate together the victory of the Algerian people over French imperialism